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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Halo Engagement Ring

Your engagement is one of the first steps to a happily ever after, but rings can be quite expensive. With this in mind, it is important to choose something truly worth the price. There are many types of rings available with gemstones of every cut, color, and size, so the options can be overwhelming.

If you want something truly unique and eye-catching, consider a halo engagement ring. This timeless variation has been famous for centuries, and it exudes elegance and sophistication that any partner would surely love. 

So what exactly is a halo engagement ring, and what are the advantages of buying a halo engagement ring? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Halo Engagement Ring?

The halo ring’s most distinctive feature is the “halo” of smaller stones set around a larger central stone. This setting is called pavé, and it provides a small accent that emphasizes the main gemstone. 

Depending on the design, the pavé can be a single row or multiple, and the small stones can come in an array of colors.

Benefits of Buying a Halo Engagement Ring

The design of the halo ring offers plenty of benefits pertaining to its appearance, price, and flexibility in terms of customization. Because of this, this style of ring has remained a top choice for engagements and weddings over the years.

1. A Larger Appearance

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Halo Engagement RingWhen something is surrounded by similar but smaller things, it will appear bigger; the opposite is also true. 

The contrast in size creates an effect called the Ebbinghaus illusion. One of the most practical applications of this illusion is the halo engagement ring.

The larger central stone appears bigger thanks to the smaller gemstones surrounding it, so even if your diamond is below a carat, it will still appear larger than it really is. No one would even realize it besides you and your other half.

2. Intense Sparkle That Will Turn Heads

Another benefit of the halo arrangement is how it intensifies the central stone’s sparkle. In general, the cut and clarity of a gemstone will determine how much it shines. 

The more precise the angles of each facet and the fewer internal flaws, the sparklier the gemstone gets. That’s why experienced gem cutters are valued for their precision cuts.

A halo design intensifies the sparkle of a central stone. Since the surrounding stones are smaller, their sparkle appears dimmer in direct comparison to the biggest stone. 

The result is enhanced brilliance that will grab the attention of anyone who sees the ring.

3. More Budget-Friendly

Budget Friendly Halo RingsSome stones will appear better the bigger they are, whether in terms of visibility or overall sparkle. The only drawback is that they become more and more expensive as the carat increases.

Many people bite the bullet and end up spending more than they’d like to.

Thankfully, the illusion of the larger stone and the enhanced sparkle of halo engagement rings makes them a much more affordable option.

You can typically go for less than a carat and still get an appearance similar to that of a bigger gemstone. In addition, the small gemstones for the halo aren’t as costly as other types of settings.

4. Perfect Complement for Various Gem Cuts

There are plenty of gems cuts out there — pear, round, princess, Marquise, etc. While most of them are brilliant on their own, a halo design takes them to the next level. 

The smaller pavé enhances any shape by accentuating its corners and edges, and it also emphasizes the central stone itself, further highlighting the cut and design. Whether you choose a classic round diamond or a colorful opal cabochon, you can make it more brilliant with a halo arrangement.

5. Protects the Central Stone

Many gemstones are vulnerable to scratches; even diamonds, which are objectively the hardest substance around, can still chip and fracture. If you’re wearing your engagement ring every day, you need to be careful to avoid damaging it.

A halo arrangement offers a level of protection for the central stone, making it ideal for those who move around a lot. The sturdy pavé will take the brunt of the damage from impacts, preserving the main gemstone.

6. Comes in Many Designs

Protects the Central Stone in Halo RingsThe most classic halo engagement ring design is a single row of small gemstones around the central jewel. 

However, there are other variations that are as exquisitely eye-catching. Some have additional rows, others have hidden pavés underneath the stone, and others still add metal filigree to the design. 

The possibilities are endless, so pick one that best suits your partner’s aesthetic preferences.

7. A Classic and Timeless Choice

There are many ring designs out there, and while the options are endless, not all of them are good. While some exude opulence, others give off a tacky, ironic look. If you’re looking for a classy, timeless ring for your partner, then the halo design is your best bet.

Having been around since the 18th century, the halo ring has been worn by royalty, celebrities, and countless other prominent figures.

 Its simple but elegant design has made it a staple in famous engagements and museum pieces, on par with solitaire and bezel rings. This timeless piece will look good on any occasion and with any outfit.

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Get Your Halo Engagement Ring

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