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Does Resizing A Ring Damage It?

In cases where a ring doesn’t perfectly fit your finger, sizing a ring down is an option used by many.

However, there are limitations on what you can resize and how many times you can resize a ring.

Wedding ring resizing requires the right tools and people.

Here’s everything you need to know about ring resizing:

How Many Times Can You Resize A Ring?

Man polishing a ring

As a general guideline, we can resize most rings two times over their lifetime.

Their style and setting influence their capability to change shape. It is safer to resize simple bands and designs.

Complex designs that contain intricate settings or different gemstones may not have the ability to resize.

Of course, you shouldn’t settle for wearing a ring if it is causing discomfort or pain.

If you feel this frequently, you should get it resized, especially if you are wearing the ring daily.

The same is true for a loose ring. If it keeps spinning on your finger, there is a chance that the gemstones could get damaged or fall out.

Your finger also changes its size depending on your activity or the season.

If you do sports or strenuous lifting, you may experience swelling, making it seem like the ring is tight.

During the summer season, fingers also swell, and the opposite happens during the cold months of winter. Even during the day, a finger may change its size slightly.

Every time you have a ring resized, it loses a bit of its durability. However, it isn’t an issue if you have it resized with a skilled jeweler.

One way to ensure quality resizing is to inspect the ring after treatment. Any depression on the surface is a red flag.

If you see color changes, it is the other alloys used to help resize the ring.

The Resizing Process

Jewelry making

When you think about making a ring larger, the most common idea is to stretch the ring.

You may have even heard stories about this method.

While you can still go for this option, many jewelers advise against this as it weakens a ring’s structure.

It can also distort its shape.

The best way to make a ring larger is to add metal to increase a band’s circumference.

The way jewelers do this is to cut it and insert a small piece of metal between the cut ends.

This metal is then soldered before polishing once more to finish. The materials used for adding depend on the type of metal.

Silver is the easiest, while platinum is the hardest to enlarge.

On the opposite end, a jeweler will also cut the ring’s band when making it smaller.

After the initial cut, they will cut out a small piece of the band and solder the ring back into a smaller shape.

After soldering, they clean and polish the ring to the correct finish.

Not Every Ring Can Be Resized

Most jewelers can work with either silver, gold, platinum, or diamond rings. There must also be enough space in the ring to remove or add material.

If the stones are set around the band, a jeweler cannot work on it because there is no metal left to work with.

Here are some other metals that cannot be resized:

Many can resize titanium, but due to the difficulty, most jewelers will avoid it.

Tungsten is too hard of a material.

Rose gold has the possibility of metal cracking during the resizing process.

We can resize soldered rings, but it is a lengthier process. We have to first unsolder and remove each ring before resizing them separately.
After resizing and polishing, we solder them once more.

Due to the variation of designs with soldered rings, it is best to consult a jeweler first. If one part is not resizable, then you may have to settle with the other parts.

Do It Yourself?

Fixing ring

A quick search on Google or YouTube can reveal many DIY options available for resizing rings.

While these can seem like a good idea, we do not recommend you go down this route.

Each one of these methods has the potential of damaging the ring, decreasing its value. It is not a good idea to use silicone or tape to try and alter your ring.

If you find that your ring is a little large, especially during colder months, other options are available.

These include:

  • Plastic ring guards
  • Sizing beads
  • Ring guards
  • Spring inserts

If you are having difficulties getting the ring over the knuckle, you can opt to have a band with an adjustable shank.

The band can open up when you press a small button using a tool or a pen.

However, going this route is also more expensive. It is also best to use a shank on a sturdier ring like one made of gold or platinum.

Final Thoughts

Ring resizing is a safe option as long as you use a reputable jeweler. It pays to check reviews and go for stores that have a stellar background.

Professionals use the right tools and can evaluate rings.

If you are still on the fence, you can make consultations before committing. Don’t make a ring smaller or larger on your own.

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