Stunning Hand-Picked Diamonds on Channel Set Rings in Dallas

channel set diamond rings dallasAdd an extra touch of glamour to your ring collection with a radiant channel set ring.

We will let you browse through our exclusive beautifully lined settings and stunning wholesale loose diamonds, so you can create your customized ring.

Perfect for any design of channel set ring that you desire, the diamonds in our collection are GIA-certified and hand-picked by our expert jewelers.

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What is a Channel Set Ring?

The channel-set stones are a traditional way of setting stones. The design is typically a ‘full’, ‘V’, or ‘half’ eternity ring.

Usually, rectangular cuts of diamonds or gemstones like the emerald cut or baguette cut are chosen for this design.

However, any cut or even mixed cuts of diamonds can be used.

The chosen stone is set deep into a channel that runs along the shank or the shoulders of the ring. It is typically a flush set, along with other stones.

This means that the top of the stones does not protrude beyond the top of the surrounding metal.

At Shira Diamonds, our expert diamond designers and jewelers make sure that your design must have enough depth and width of metal around the area that the stones will be set into.

Our designer will discuss this with you, and you can create a design that will suit your style.

What is the Difference Between Pave and Channel Set Diamonds?

Our channel set rings typically feature a series of small diamonds that have a uniform cut and are set in a groove or channel around the band of the ring.

On the other hand, our rings with a pave setting have diamonds that sit on the top of the band held in place by prongs or beads.

The other main differences between these two ring settings are:

1. What holds the diamonds in position

In pave settings, the diamonds are held in position by small beads or prongs. In channel settings, the diamonds are set into a groove cut into the band.

Among the two, the diamonds are more secure in the channel setting.

2. How the diamonds sparkle

The light interaction in a paved setting is higher because more surface area of the diamond stones is exposed. Mostly, in this setting, the aim is to provide as much sparkle for the ring to enhance the stone.

Hence, pave set rings are more brilliant and dazzling. In a channel setting, the diamond pieces are more subdued, hence, they sparkle less.

3. How the center diamond looks

The exposed appearance of diamond pieces on a paved setting makes the center stone look larger. The sparkle of the diamonds enhances the sparkle of the center stone.

In fact, the center stone can even look 20 times larger than its original size.

For channel set rings, the diamonds add beauty to the setting but will not have as much enlarging effect as the paved set ring because the diamond pieces are subdued.

4. The shape of diamond stones used

The channel setting is more versatile when it comes to the shape of diamonds used for the band.

Different types of gemstones and diamond shapes can be utilized in designing the channel set ring. You can even combine two shapes.

For pave settings, the most common type of stone used are round diamond melees.

5. Durability

The design of the channel set ring allows the diamonds on the band to be securely placed. It is definitely a more durable design compared to the paved setting where the little stones can easily get dislodged if exposed to wear and tear.

The tiny prongs that hold the small diamonds in place can weaken over time. Hence, the channel set ring is more ideal for an active lifestyle and busy hands.

6. Emphasis

The diamonds on pave set rings are the main focus of the ring. On a channel set ring, both the metal and the stones are emphasized in the design.

7. Cost

Channel settings are typically more expensive than pave settings because larger diamonds are used to fill the space on the groove or channel.

You can typically pick up a paved set ring for at least a couple of hundred dollars less than a channel set ring.

Can You Resize a Channel Set Ring?


But the downside is that the effect of resizing the channel set ring is that the stones will not look the same after the sizing process because of the difficulty of the resizing process.

The numerous channels can become bent or misaligned or the side stones can loosen during resizing.

There are channel set rings that have diamonds on the top half of the band only instead of the whole band.

This design of a channel set ring is easier to resize but will still be more difficult compared to a solid metal band because of restrictions.

How To Spot a Channel Set Engagement Ring

round channel setting ring dallas

The channel setting makes a great option for an engagement ring. How do you know if the engagement ring you are looking at has a channel setting?

The remarkable feature of the channel setting is that the stones on the shank of the ring are set along a track between two walls of metal.

The stones are laid beside each other. The grooves on both walls of the channel hold each of the diamond pieces securely in place.

Some popular designs for a channel set engagement ring are:

  • A simple band of precious metal with round brilliant or baguette diamonds filling the channel
  • Smaller accent diamonds for a classic look
  • Larger accent diamonds for a more glamorous style
  • Princess cut diamond accents instead of traditional rounds where the gorgeous square gems will not create gaps between the stones

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Are you looking for a sophisticated, classic, and versatile choice for your engagement ring? Channel set rings are the most secure of paved bands for everyday wear. They are easy to clean. The accent stones have a gorgeous effect while giving you more sparkle for less money.

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