Buy Custom Solitaire Rings in Dallas

Solitaire diamond rings have symbolized engagement for many years. Get a stunning custom-made solitaire engagement ring in Dallas that will stand strong no matter what’s trending in fashion.

At Shira Diamonds, you are assured that the diamonds are GIA-certified, ethically sourced, and hand-picked by expert jewelers. Our metal settings are of the highest quality with superior durability and shine.

What Are Solitaire Diamond Rings?

Solitaire diamond rings are the most classic and iconic style for an engagement ring. Its striking design makes the diamond the centerpiece, putting it on full display. It is truly a style that will remain a favorite for many couples.

No matter how you design your custom solitaire ring in Dallas, the design itself already emphasizes the classic simplicity and elegance of your personality because it shows off your diamond of choice.

The simple sophistication of the solitaire setting showcases the outstanding sparkle of your diamond stone as it is featured on a plain metal band. It’s the dream choice for women who want to exude graceful opulence at a considerable price.

The different types of solitaire reign settings that you can choose from include, but are not limited to:

  • Cathedral solitaire setting
  • Split shank solitaire setting
  • Knife-edge setting
  • Four and six-prong solitaire settings
  • Tiffany setting
  • Prong setting
  • Bezel setting
  • Tension setting

Why Choose a Custom Solitaire Diamond Ring?

We let you choose your diamond stone for your customized solitaire diamond ring. We will guide you throughout the selection until you choose the perfect solitaire diamond that will fit your style and preferences.

To add a personal touch to your ring, you will get to choose your favorite stone shape, metal, and setting, to create a heartfelt, handcrafted masterpiece that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Here are the benefits of owning a custom solitaire diamond ring and the reasons why it can be your best choice yet:

  1. Timeless design

    All brides-to-be love the solitaire diamond ring setting. A ring with a single diamond never goes out of style. It’s an evergreen design that looks beautiful on any size of finger or hand. It has always been the ultimate statement of tradition and elegance.round-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-1_7a16f41d46808d36bb4222001c4ba8f2 (1)

  2. Focus on the diamond

    Diamonds fascinate anyone. It’s a very popular choice for an engagement ring that cannot be replaced by any other kind of stone. With a solitaire setting, the diamond is the center of attention. The diamond is held in place with metal prongs that elevate it to make it more prominent and eye-catching.

  3. Maximum brilliance

    The solitaire setting allows the light to pass through the bottom of the stone from underneath the diamond in between the prongs. This allows maximum brilliance of the diamond to be achieved.

  4. Versatility

    Browse through our collection of solitaire diamond rings in Dallas for inspiration. You can choose your diamond, setting style, band, and metal type.
    The versatility of the solitaire setting includes these features:

    • They pair up stunningly with almost all wedding bands. You can play with classic, vintage, and bold designs.
    • They keep wear and tear to a minimum because they don’t display intricate metalwork.
    • You can choose from different metal color combinations
    • Stack rings or multiple complementary diamond bands work stunningly with solitaire settings.
  5. Simple and minimalistic

    With a customized solitaire ring, you get more with less. It’s a simple setting that will make you feel comfortable wearing on any occasion. You can be stunningly extravagant even with a single diamond with a solitaire setting. So, if you like minimalistic designs, the solitaire is for you.

  6. It’s a safe bet for gents on solo missions

    Gentlemen get anxious when choosing what type of ring their partner would like. The solitaire setting is what we always recommend if you prefer surprising your better half. It’s a setting that can easily be resized and redesigned if it needs remaking.

The Process of Making a Custom Solitaire Diamond Ring

Are you interested in a custom solitaire ring? Feel free to browse our solitaire designs and keep in mind that they are all fully customizable to fit your preferences.

You will be working with our best jewelry designers who will create the ring of your dreams. We will guide you through these steps as you design and create your solitaire diamond ring:

  1. Choose Shira Diamonds as your custom designs. Our skilled and experienced craftsmen will ensure that your ring will be perfect with all the details that you want.
  2. Set an appointment with our custom jewelry expert
  3. Prepare for your appointment with your preferred diamond shape and metal type
  4. Create your custom solitaire diamond ring. Choose the shape, size, cut, and color of your diamond piece and we will help you nail down the details.
  5. We will build a virtual model of your dream ring and send it to you for your approval.
  6. We will source your diamond of choice to create your custom solitaire diamond ring to your exact specifications.

Shop custom Solitaire Engagement Rings

The striking design of a solitaire engagement ring that puts the diamond on full display is a classic favorite of simple elegance. Contact us today and explore our gallery of custom solitaire diamond rings in Dallas.

No matter how you would like your solitaire ring to be, we will create it for you so that you can have a memorable creation that you will treasure forever.