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Custom Bezel Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a 1 carat halo - custom designGet a modern version of a custom bezel ring setting in Dallas from Shira Diamonds. Our unique bezel settings include a two-toned round bezel halo engagement ring, round bezel engagement ring, semi-mount bezel engagement ring, three-round bezel diamond ring, custom bezel diamond ring, and the custom bezel oval diamond ring.

Our boxes for custom bezel rings in Dallas are specially designed to complement and protect your ring. It is a luxurious packaging that will display your bezel set ring in the best possible way.

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What is a Bezel Ring?

The bezel setting features a ring of metal that holds the ring’s stone in place. This encasing of metal slightly overlaps the edges of the stone, which helps keep it safe.

Often chosen for its classic elegance, the bezel ring setting on a solitaire engagement ring features one single brilliant diamond that perfectly showcases the beauty of the diamond.

One of our most popular shapes amongst our ring buyers is the round crystal cut. It is a circular stone with an advanced cut that maximizes light performance, symmetry, and multiple facets.

We allow you to create the perfect custom bezel ring by choosing the metal as well as the carat, clarity, and color of the diamond. Our expert designers will make your dream bezel ring into reality.

What is a Half Bezel Setting?

There are typically two primary types of bezel settings which are the full bezel setting and the partial or half bezel setting.

Full Bezel

The full bezel setting showcases a diamond stone that is covered with metal from all angles, protecting the edges of the stone less prone to damage. A stone in this type of bezel setting would usually appear smaller than it is because parts of the stone are hidden.

The metal encasing the stone would also restrict light reflection, so the diamond will be less brilliant.

Half Bezel

The half-bezel setting is considered the modern and sleek way of showcasing your diamond. It is also called the semi bezel, the partial bezel, or the clutch. It is the trimmed-down take on the full bezel ring setting.

This ring setting is loved by so many because it accentuates the shape of the diamond without surrounding it totally with a metal. It adds a subtle softness and sophistication to your diamond’s shape.

With this setting, your choice diamond will be surrounded with a slim band of gold or platinum, adding just the right bit of extra protection for your most precious jewel. It will still be more protective than the tiny prongs.

Some of the favorite half bezel setting designs include:

  • Horizontal Half Bezel

When you create a bespoke engagement ring, you will love the east-west engagement ring setting with a half-bezel where your diamond will be enveloped in a sleek little clutch that’s both protective and totally modern.

  • Low-Profile Style

A half bezel setting is one of the most low-profile styles available because the center setting (also called a head) is more incorporated in the band.

The diamond doesn’t sit on top but is snug between metals. This gives a totally sleek, sophisticated, and modern look to your ring.

Why would you choose a half-bezel setting? The diamond in a partial bezel setting is more visible and may appear even larger in size. This makes the diamond reflect more light, hence, adding fire and brilliance.

Why Get a Bezel Ring Setting?

When you choose custom bezel rings in Dallas from Shira Diamonds, you are assured of their quality and certification.

All our diamonds are ethically sourced and hand-picked by expert jewelers. Every metal setting in our premier collection is among the best in quality.

Here are reasons why we would recommend the bezel ring setting:

1. Protection

The bezel ring setting is a favorite for some customers because of how the ring’s stone is properly secured.

There is literally a metal that encases the stone while overlapping its edges.

It provides the protection that you would want for your stone, especially for diamond cuts with pointed edges, which are more prone to chipping like princess, pear, and marquise cuts.

2. Durability

A bezel setting would also make the stone more resistant to wear, especially if the person wearing the ring has an active lifestyle.

It is less likely that the stone will loosen or fall out.

Unlike other settings like the prong, it won’t snag on a glove, clothing, or hair because there are no loose sides.

3. Hides Imperfections

Because a metal encases your diamond in a bezel setting, parts of a diamond with inclusions can be hidden. You can also hide chips on your diamond if any.

Just make sure that the flaw on your diamond is on its side because if it’s in the middle, the bezel setting will make it more visible.

4. Versatile

You can use a custom bezel ring setting with various designs like the halo, solitaire, vintage, or pave.

Shira Diamonds specializes in bezel ring settings in Dallas. If you consider the bezel setting your best option for your customized ring, our diamond jewelry experts and designers will be happy to assist you with your selection of a loose diamond and the type of metal you want to use for your setting.

Should You Buy a Bezel Ring Setting?

Evaluate your options as you consider your style and preferences for a customized ring.

You can consider these bezel ring setting features as you decide:

  • If you want your stone to be held in place
  • If you have a precious and fragile stone
  • If you want to make your piece of stone appear larger
  • If you have a round, brilliant-cut that works best with this setting
  • If you have an extra budget because a bezel ring setting is a more expensive setting option
  • If you want a setting that’s easy to clean and maintain

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Stunning, secure, unique, and the best choice for active careers and lifestyles—the best description for the bezel setting.

Create a timeless and modern custom bezel ring setting in Dallas from Shira Diamonds that speaks to classic romance.

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